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The NRA formula is 50/50 Alox/Beeswax, developed in the sixties. The NRA wanted a better all round lube than the various concoctions then in use. It took a lot of work and many formulas were tested. A product of Alox Corporation, 2138, was promising when mixed with beeswax, but the NRA wanted it further developed. The final version was 2138F, which is a thick grease. Commercial beeswax is nothing more than yellow beeswax with any dirt or other impurities filtered out.

It became the universally standard lube, made by various companies, of which Lee is perhaps the best known. It is still as good a lube as any in my opinion. For commercial use it was eclipsed by the later hard waxes which are cleaner to use and don't mess up adjacent bullets when packaged for ale.

I used the 1" 4" hollow sticks for my own bullets. But when I started commercial casting, the sticks were too expensive, so I imported drums of 2138F direct from Alox Corp, and mixed it with locally available beeswax. It cost me one tenth the cost of hollow sticks.

The bad news is that Alox Corp was bought by another company, whose name escapes me right now, and 2138F is no longer made. So, whatever Lee and others are using to make their lube, it is not the Alox of the original NRA formula.

The good news is that many good lubes are now available, and some good home brews, look into "Cast Boolits."
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