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Reliability – it has to be able to eat everything I feed it without balking once. Then when I find a round I plan to use in it, it has to have over 1000 of those rounds through it before ill carry it.

Ease of use – I have a Ruger P-89, it’s a great gun, but I would never carry it. Part of the reasons are the grips slip in my hand at times, it had a lot of sharp edges / needed deburring. Cetched coming out and into my holster than my other guns.

Weight – put 6 roles of quarters (3#) in your pocket ALL DAY. The next day put 4 roles in.

No safety – I was in an incident that caused me to reach for my gun and get it ready, push the safety off. For the eon it took for the situation to play out the only thing I could think of was: did I push the safety off, or on? Well I’m betting my life on it! The safety was off but a very, most, important lesson was learned.

Decocker – Cocked and Locked is no way to carry a gun!

New York: where we import politicians but no standard cap mag.s.
7 rounds in a 10 round mag, andy will be running for president soon.
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