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After doing extensive research and trying various guns at the local rental range, I decided on the Springfield XD40 sub compact. I liked the trigger better than the Glock and the M&P and I seemed to shoot tighter groups with the XD as well.

The XD comes with a small flush fitting magazine that holds 9+1 of 40 S&W. I added a small grip extension so that I can get a full grip on the gun whne firing. This coupled with a 3" barrel provides great concealability, especially with an IWB holster. If things get really bad, the gun comes with a full sized magazine of 12+1 that, when inserted, makes a full sized grip in the pistol. Additionally, the gun comes with a magazine speedloader, an OWB holster, and a magazine holder all inside of a hard case all for $440.

The reason I chose to go with the 40 S&W was for the versatility. In most popular gun makes (i.e. SIG, Glock, M&P, XD) that are chambered in 40 cal, you can also buy a conversion barrel to convert to 9mm and 357 SIG. I plan on purchasing the 9mm conversion barrel soon so that when I go to the range for a long session, I can shoot the cheap 9mm but when I carry, I will have the 40 S&W. This will help me to practice with my carry gun and not break the bank.

I would highly recommend finding a rental range and trying out some of the guns you have listed, as well as a few others (hint:XD ). I was set on wanting a Glock until I shot the XD. Good luck to you!
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