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Cool, alot of fine guns in that list. Last thing, the gun thing is addictive, the proof is right here.

"Hello, my name is John and I am a gun nut"

Don't think of this as the only gun you'll ever buy. It might turn out that way, but the odds say otherwise. I bought a Bodyguard for the wife and 1 day after she shot it I traded it in on the SIG P238. She couldn't pull the long DA trigger on the Bodyguard. It only cost me $25 loss on the trade in cause the Bodyguards are sell hot right now. The stores here can't keep them in stock. LCPs are sitting on the shelves and not selling so you might get a good deal on them but they might be harder to trade in.

Try and shoot some of these before puchase, make you can eliminate a couple on your list, and maybe even add some. You should find a shorty .45 and shoot it, see what it's like. And a .40 like an EMP, and the smaller 9mm SIGs, CZs, HiPowers. Just get a feel for each class.

With the pocket pistols there is a wide variety with different feels. An example, the LCP is like a small gun, you throw it in your pocket, if you need it you pull it and start squeezing that trigger, no safety, no foolin around. It's different with the SIG P238. It's a little pistol that still feels like it's bigger brothers, the trigger is SA so it's crisp and has a real break to it. The safety is perfectly safe but you do have to purposefully pull it, swipe the safety, then squeeze. It's about 6 ounces heavier then the LCP and you can get extended mags that hold one additional round for 7+1 max capacity. Not often mentioned is that the SIG does have a feature that most M1911 format pistols lack, You can pull the slide and eject a chambered round without taking it off safe. This I like alot because it means I can load a mag, chamber the first round, place it on safe, and eject, top off the mag, and I am ready. Time to unload and all you have to do is drop the mag, clear the chamber and your done and you don't have to take it off safe to clear it.

P.S. Don't let smaller .380 caliber fool you, the really light .380s are a handfull to hang onto and can even punish your hands somewhat. The LCP is like that, not fun to shoot for most people, doesn't mean it's not effective for it's purpose. The SIG P238 is a little easier, and there are others like the Bersa .380 Thunder that are very nice shooters, just not a pocket gun but do fit easily IWB because they are narrow, think Walther PPK style. Of course once you get to this size you are also crossing into the smaller 9mm and .40 size pistols, have abandoned pocket carry and looking at a IWB or belt holster and the whole carry range is opening up.

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