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Thanks to all for the advice, it has been very helpful, thoughtful and productive.

I've been reading a lot.

The more I read, the more I am considering something that I will carry more often.

Initially I was thinking about a small 1911 style .45, but just don't see myself carrying that often. I do want a manual safety and something medium sized and lightweight yet powerful. I understand the differences between DAO, DA, SA/DA... but don't know what I would consider best for concealed carry as they all have their benefits. (so many choices) I could do .380 if I was really wowed by the new defense ammunition rounds. I would be entirely comfortable with 9mm/40/45. I need to get to a gun shop and check them out in person I know, but nice to narrow it down beforehand.
So I am currently considering the following...

Ruger LCP (top choice so far)

Ruger LC9
Kimber Solo
Sig 238
Taurus 609
Taurus 700
Taurus millenium pro
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