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Thanks so much for all this information!

I recently inherited a S&W Model 67-1 from my father who passed away in December '09. He was a gun enthusiast for as long as I can remember. Some would have said he was obsessed. I was one of 5 sons, we were all tought to shoot many varieties of firearms from age 8 and upward. By the time I was 16, I had learned to shoot anything from a multitude of .22's (rifle and pistol) to all shotgun gauges, to most pistol and rifle choices, I even had the pleasure of shooting an Uzi 9mm. He loved them all and shared them with his boys.

To get back on topic... I put the revolver I just inherited to all the tests outlined in this thread, and I'm not surprised that it passed every test, even considering that it was made in 1987. This thing is tight(not too tight). He knew his "stuff" when buying this weapon, I have no doubt. The rifling looks like new. I can only wish he was still here to share my good fortune.
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