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I'd like to add a check for single action timing test

I’d like to add another timing check to the evaluation criteria.

Do the following to check for timing lockup in single action operation.

After completing all the SAFE HANDLING CHECKS checks…

With the gun closed, hammer down and empty, hold the gun firmly and slowly pull the hammer back for single action. You are looking for the bolt to engage the cylinder and lock up completely BEFORE the hammer engages the sear and locks back on the sear. The bolt must engage the cylinder and lock up before the hammer locks back on the sear, otherwise it is out of time.

If this test fails, then there is the possibility that when the gun fires it could/would

1) shave the bullet on the front of the barrel as it enters the barrel, serious and bad.

2) cylinder could rotate slightly and cause a catastrophic problem where the bullet could not exit the cylinder because it had struck the rear of the barrel, very serious and very bad.

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