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Suggestions for rewrite

Regarding Jim March's rewrite...

What does everyone think of adding FAQ-style answers to a few basic make-specific questions that pop up repeatedly?

I'm not suggesting anything outrageously complicated, such as engineering revision dash number explanations for every gun in the S&W lineup. I'd also steer clear of anything controversial like the S&W ILS. I'm thinking of more basic stuff. Examples:
  • Explanations of the 2 types of S&W hammer blocks and how to identify a revolver without one
  • How to distinguish round-butt and square-butt S&W grip frames
  • Where to find the serial number on a S&W revolver (would mesh nicely with removing the stocks to check for rust)
  • Where to find the model number on post-1957 S&Ws
  • What "pinned and recessed" means
  • A basic explanation of the older Ruger SA hammer block retrofit program

I'm willing to contribute explanations of the S&W questions.
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