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Python first post question

Hi guys, first post here.

I did a little searching but couldn't find the simple answers I was looking for so I hope the patient among you will indulge me with a couple of questions:

1. I note that Jim March signed off and headed for thehighroad forums, but I can't bring that web site up in any way shape or form. Is everything moved back here now?

2. (And directly relevant to this thread) I have a stainless Python w/6" barrel that acts peculiarly. Let me first say that I went through Jim March's procedures for checking out a revolver, and this Python seemed to pass perfectly. It's serial number is K937**.
In full lockup, there is absolutely no cylinder play front to back or side to side, and the gap is .004 which feels awful good to me.
With the hammer down and trigger forward, there is just a very slight amount of (expected) rotational cylinder play. No problem there.
And you can pull the hammer back to SA cocked position and it does so as smooth as butter (most of the time, which leads to the following):

So with that mental picture of a "perfect" revolver in mind, here's something I haven't figured out yet:

Looking at the pistol from the rear in it's hammer down, trigger forward condition, it's ready for SA cocking.
And it cocks SA fine most of the time, but occasionally the hammer will hang up and stop about 1/8" into the SA cock.
So I fiddled with it, and finally noticed that this can be reliably forced to happen by gently rotating the cylinder clockwise to where it stops (as seen from the rear) and then trying to SA cock it. Keep in mind that there is only about .015 (guesstimate) of movement in rotation available to the cylinder in any of the 6 cartridge positions in it's unlocked condition.
When turned clockwise to where the cylinder stops, the hammer will always hang up 1/8" back into the SA cock.
Then if I gently move the cylinder counter-clockwise just enough to get the cylinder away from it's clockwise stopped condition, it will always SA cock just fine.

My feeling is to just send it off to Colt, but I'd like to know a little more about what's going on with it before I do. On the other hand, someone here might be know about this problem well enough to suggest a simple fix that won't require any smithing.

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