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A few comments - since you generally know what caliber you're shopping for,
buy some good snap caps first and stick them in your pocket- i guarantee
Mr Gunshop isn't going to have any. If He won't let you cycle the revolver,
go someplace else. Things I can't understand #8004961: Why does Mr Gunshop think it's ok to put a used revolver in his case uncleaned? I don't
mean a little bit unclean, I mean can't see the bore unclean. Would Mr used car dealer do that? The only way ( THE ONLY WAY ) to accurately check
bore/cylinder alignment is with a range rod. This is rarely ( I didn't say
never) an issue with new revolvers. A battered or non-concentric forcing
cone is a dead givaway on a used one. Sock drawer special: an older
model that looks unfired, but the da pull is about 100 pounds. You know
that stuff you take off your dryer filter?
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