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There's some added commentary by a slidegun guy...

...over here:

His point is well made, in that some people take this too seriously. Cylinder play in the "spin direction" is one example, you WILL see some in almost every new gun. A few Freedom Arms may ship totally tight, that's about it. If you check every cylinder bore for timing as in step #5, and they all line up right, you can forgive a bit of "spin play". Gap is another, if the best specimen the dealer has is running .005" on a new gun, and you otherwise want the gun, go for it. .007" is (in my opinion) a bit much, despite the "Bond factor" .

A good gunsmith can tune the trigger, tighten the spin play and reduce the cylinder gap, for prices between $100 and $150 depending on gun type. If that's what you want, pretty much every new gun will need that money spent to get there.

I'm also adding a new Section 8 titled "Bad gunsmithing".

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