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OK, it's slightly cleaned up...

Points #4 and #5 have just had minor edits for clarity thrown in, including a safety warning. They take the form of new paragraphs, in the original each was only one paragraph long. So you can see what's new.

Point #6 related to bore checking has been expanded to include cylinder bores, including the forcing cones - THANK you, Salvo! Seriously...I knew I musta missed something. Any other tips, keep 'em coming, I'll splice 'em in and give credit .

Tubeshooter: I'm not qualified to do this for autos. I suspect that different auto types, 1911 versus Glock fr'instance, would need different procedures?

Anyways, I'll go over to the slidegun forum, post that such a thing is needed, and include the URL for this thread.

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