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I've had one bit of private feedback on my stance re: Taurus and Rossi.

First revolver I ever owned was a Pre-Taurus-buyout Rossi. Sold it within the first 200 rounds after it broke two firing pins in a row.

Taurus...well, sorry, but the number of complaints (and the types of complaints) speak for themselves. About a year ago I ran into one that was so weirdly malformed it took me several hours of examination to spot it, yet the defect was serious enough that Taurus scrapped the frame - and this was the second time the gun was in their hands. A good gunsmith friend of mine who examined it also missed the issue. (This is the 605 I got free from somebody who sent it back to Taurus and it came back to them unrepaired.)

Look, a lot of times somebody fairly new to guns will have a budget of, say, $350. They need a basic defense gun. The choice comes down to a new Taurus or Rossi, or a used S&W or Ruger. I firmly believe the latter is the right way to go, esp. if you have "the checkout" to run through, which is certainly an option if you're reading this . That was the boat I was in when I bought my first really good revo and it's really the target audience for this document.

Nothing is going to change my mind on that point.
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