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Again, reading between the lines: "We're going to let guns walk."
Yes, it seemed like this was coordinated strategy and that both the BATF HQ and Mexico City Office (MCO) were aware of it since their advance approval was required before guns could cross the border.

According to this CBS News article, Darren Gill was the lead ATF official in Mexico and I am presuming the "MCO" whose approval would be necessary; but he says he not only said no weapons were to enter Mexico without his approval (email dated Jan 2010), he also claims his first knowledge of Fast and Furious was in early 2010 when he tried to trace firearms recovered by Mexican officials and found he did not have access.

Gill also stated he was told by his supervisor that "the operation was approved even higher than ATF Director Kenneth Melson." Gill also mentions that DoJ's Lanny Breuer visited Mexico and generally referenced a big trafficking case.

So it looks like the suspect in our game of clue is:
1) In a position of higher authority than Acting Director of the ATF, Kenneth Melson
2) Able to declare that MCO cannot have access to things that are supposed to be under the direct supervision of MCO based on this Cartel Strategy document (although it appears that this portion of the report directing Bureau and MCO advance approval was written long after Fast and Furious was already underway and MCO had already figured out something was up).

Here is another good quote from Page 19 of the Cartel Strategy PDF:

ATF has assisted Mexico in identifying foreign military ordnance recovered from and used by DTOs and cartels in Mexico. Prior to such assistance, most of the recovered military ordnance were incorrectly identified by Mexico as coming directly from the U.S., when in fact, most have come from Central American countries and much is of non-U.S. manufacture.
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