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I just finished reading "Project Gunrunner - A Cartel Focused Strategy." Interesting read, but not as damning as I thought it would be. Here are some of the quotes that I find most telling:

Effective implementation (and documentation) of this [cartel-focused] strategy will enhance public safety and provide essential evidence of performance and accomplishments necessary to the continued growth and reputation of our agency.
p. 3

Reading between the lines: "We can use this to get more funding."

The controlled movement of firearms, ammunition, explosives, explosive devides and/or components or non-functional "props" of such items across the U.S.-Mexico border from the United States shall be coordinated with and approved in advance by Bureau headquarters and the MCO.
p. 18

Again, reading between the lines: "We're going to let guns walk."

Also, someone may have posted this, and I may have missed it, but here's Senator Grassley's 16 May 2011 letter to Eric Holder:

Edited to add: Darn it. I tried to upload Grassley's letter, but apparently it's too big.
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