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not that I will ever buy a shotgun for any kind of defensive use, pistols excel much faster and easier in this role.
I don't mind hijacking this thread at all - everything has been said, there is enough info here to build Ten Tac Shotguns (or combat shotgun if you want to call it that)

The comment about pistols excelling [sic..] in this role MUST BE CHALLENGED, hence the possible hi jacking of this thread...

OK, first of all a shotgun is as controllable or more controllable than most major caliber handguns.

They are as controllable or more controllable than most major caliber handguns, and a semi auto shotgun gun be fired accurately as quickly as most stock handguns (not talking race guns here...)

So lets say someone has a 12ga loaded with 2&3/4 #0 Buck - that is a 580 grain payload. Getting shot with that is like getting simultaneously shot by twelve .32 cal carbines. (Kinda - Twelve .32 cal projectiles that penetrate 12 to 14"

Same weapon loaded with #000 Buck is like getting shot by 9mm eight times (kind of, like maybe with 95grain bullets).

A person with a semi-auto shotgun can fire as quickly as someone with a handgun, but the shotgun delivers many more projectiles in less time.

There is no way a pistol excels over a shotgun in HD/SD.
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