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Down load the magazine by at least one round (or two) if you're going to store it loaded for long term. Shotgun mag springs WILL take a set if left fully compressed and can become so weak the last two rounds will not feed at all. This is not an internet rumor, ask any police armorer who works on riot guns stored in cruiser racks left loaded continuously. I store mine next to the bed muzzle down with 4 rounds in the mag, one in the chamber but with the bolt pulled back an inch and a half so that you can see the shell. Safety off. If I have to grab it I only need to run the forearm forward that inch and a half and I'm good to go. No fumbling for a safety. Just pick it up and "stretch it". It is very fast and can be done quietly if necessary. With the bolt unlocked and partially open the gun cannot fire even if it falls over. I have no kids and the wife is fully familiar with every gun I own.

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