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I have for years complained of not having bullets to defend ourselves... I retired off active duty in 2007.... The worry is as always that you will do something bad with the ammuniton and end up on the news in a bad light.

It is easer to replace a dead service member than take the bad press. The very first fire fight I ever witnessed in Kandahar I had no bullets and only a knife and a empty M16A2. Our guard towers engaged 4 crazys charging through the ancient russian minefield. I had nothing to support the guy in the tower, I was roughly a hundred yards from the action when it began.

It is only one of many times in my career when I needed ammo and did not have it due to political reasons. The truth be known even engaging the enemy can land your hind in in jail as in many places you have to fill out a sworn statement every time you engage the enemy.

It is a sad state of affairs. We cannot win wars fighting this way...
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