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In this area, you've got a few public ranges run by the conservation dept.
-Pleasant Hope (North of Springfield), this is where I usually go
-Busiek (just south of Ozark)
-Andy Dalton Shooting Center (near Bois D'Arc, NW of Springfield)

There's also the "Sound of Freedom" indoor range in Ozark (CC/J exit) and the indoor range at Bass Pro

I believe there are private ranges in Strafford, Marshfield, and Billings, but don't quote me on that.

You're nicer than I am, evidently...if I was on my own land and shooting at a reasonable hour of the day, my neighbors could go, fly a kite if they didn't like it.
"Either you are the weapon and your gun is a tool, or your gun is the weapon and you are a tool."

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