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Originally Posted by Schofield
I just bought an old Iver Johnson 16 gauge single-shot shotgun and have no idea what the chamber length is. I plan on using 2 1/2 inch light loads, but would like to know if it is a 2 3/4 inch chamber just in case I needed to use one. I have read a lot of posts about having a gunsmith check it and I would do that if I had one nearby, but wouldn't it be a reliable test "if a fired 2 3/4 inch 16 gauge empty hull will seat in the chamber and lock-up without crimping the end back down any." Thanks
That would be one way to check it. An even better, more sure way, is to place an unfired/empty 2¾"hull in the chamber. If it ejects w/o any taper at the opening, it's a 2¾" chamber. FWIW, 1925 was the year 16ga guns (Itahaca®) were first made with a 2¾" chamber. I have a 1921 Ithaca® 16ga SxS. It originally came w/a 2 9/16" chamber which I had lengthened to 2/¾" many decades ago.
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