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Alrighty, well after due consideration and listening to others much appreciated input (mostly from RFC and ARFCOM), I have come to a few conclusions:
  • The receiver is not a viable business opportunity, at least not at this time
  • Improved replacement stocks are a viable business opportunity, but Boyds is expected to fill that void soon by making the Marlin 60 Ross Thumbhole stock a regular item.
  • An extended magazine release is a viable product, which I am currently working on, with a rough concept shown below, it would be over twice the length of the miniscule factory magazine release tab.
  • A drop in trigger improvement would be great, but is currently inconceivable in how it could be compacted in about a .75 cubic inch space, in order to only replace the factory trigger and trigger guard, and give a mechanical advantage to the sear release bar.

Installation of this new mag release would involve action disassembly, removing the pin that holds the combined ejector bar/magazine release with the mag well, replacing the stamped metal part, and reassembling. Stay tuned for further development:

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