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I wonder what the difference is between knowing that Project Gunrunner originated in Washington, and proving that Project Gunrunner originated in Washington.
"Knowing" isn't always proof. I know that Hugo Schmeisser invented the AK-47, but I can't prove it with any evidence beyond circumstantial.

The trick is, Holder could have known that there was an initiative called Operation Gunrunner. He might have known its broad parameters. However, if we're to allege that he knew (and approved) of a specific policy of allowing guns to "walk," we're going to need hard evidence. That's a huge accusation, and one with far-reaching consequences. If we make it without proof, we lose a great deal of credibility.

The agents I spoke with in my field division were aware of certain initiatives, but they never suspected that guns were being allowed over the border. They were as shocked as the rest of us, and many opined that somebody at the Phoenix division had gone seriously off the reservation. Though they seemed surprised, a couple conceded that there are folks in the Bureau who possessed such a combination of headstrong and stupid qualities.
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