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For detailed questions about the US Army military police, I'd check the forum message board; .
I served four years on active duty in the early 1990s. 30mo at FT Lee VA.
We were issued M9/92F 9mmNATO pistols. On MP "road duty" or "law & order" missions we had a 15rd magazine in the M9, safety ON chamber empty(also called condition III). We were issued 02 15rd pistol mags from the company arms room. At the time we used 124gr FMJ ball. No JHPs or frangibles.
Today, 2011, most CONUS US Army posts have DoD police or DA(Dept of the Army) 083 police officers. These sworn federal officers are civilians & do not enforce the UCMJ(uniform code of military justice).
See .

The US Army Military Police Center & School is now at FT Leonard Wood MO. Your dad may have gone to the MP Academy at FT Gordon GA.
See for knick-knacks & chachis.
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