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1. Two grand total posts here and the second one is this one.....hmmmmm.
2. Unethical? How? Because they didn't give a refund? OK. How about providing the details of the written policy of refunds, if any, provided by MPI?
3. You state she "turned your back" on you? Do you have a written agreement of a refund if they're unable to provide you the firearm you ordered?
4. Most, if not, all gun stores have little control of being able to attain guns of a customers' choice within a specific time frame. I waited over 3 YEARS for a basic production .22lr from a well respected gun shop that has massive pull. You really think your gun shop can get blood out of a stone?
5. Sure sounds like there's another side of the coin to be heard before casting stones when living in a glass house...
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