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Bersa T 380 and Cast Bullets

First off I'm new here and looking forward to learning and maybe helping someone some day myself. Hello..

I'm getting into reloading and just purchased a used(like new) Lee 3 hole turret. Since 380 is so expensive I was wondering if I could shoot lead not FMJ through the Bersa. I(Wife mostly) would like to shoot minimum of 100-200 rounds a month. That's like $66 for 2 x100 boxes here where I live. More than I'd like to spend. I want to save as much $ as possible. Anyone shoot cast bullets through your 380? What grain round or flat tip?

Anyone here cast them? I would buy them by the 1000 if they worked through the Bersa. I don't mind cleaning out all the junk. Would lead bullets present a problem with only 200 rounds? Many questions.

And could hs6 be used in a 380 load? Have some for used for 9mm and wondering if possible. Everything I read so far looks like a NO. Thanks for reading.
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