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Why is your safety on if your chamber is empty? Just one more thing to fumble with half asleep, and possibly without your glasses and adrenaline rushing

Because you asked... If I am not fully awake by the time I need to be pulling a trigger then maybe I shouldn't be pulling it.
Im no expert, but I'd put more emphasis on the adrenaline rushing through your body in a high stress situation. During a break in (high stress situation) the adrenaline might interfere w/ your ability to use your fine motor skills, and you might have difficulty finding and activating the safety, slide release, and/or trigger... especially in the dark and in a hurry (that's probably part of the reason one shouldnt have a finger on the trigger until he identified the target as a threat). Pumping the shotgun, however wouldn't require the use of fine motor skills. This is why "cruiser ready" in combination w/ lots of practice may be a favorable option.
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