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Remembering that we have yet to read the NRA complaint, the SAF complaint is not asking to do anything other than admit that the right to carry a functional firearm, outside the home, is a fundamental right that cannot be completely banned:
Originally Posted by Moore v. Madigan
Plaintiffs do not seek to establish how the State of Illinois should regulate the carry of handguns in public. For example, Plaintiffs do not seek to establish that the State should enact a licensing program, or any particular licensing program, nor do Plaintiffs contend that the State should in some other manner amend its laws.

Rather, Plaintiffs seek to establish that the recognition and incorporation of the Second Amendment – the right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation – renders the State’s present regulatory choice unconstitutional. Whatever the contours of a constitutional scheme might be, the Second Amendment renders a ban on carrying guns impermissible.
Note: The RECAPped complaint and the docket are now visible. Docket is here. Complaint is here. I hope to have the NRA case shortly.
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