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Thinking of Selling My Super X1 within the next year or two

I'm realizing that it just doesn't have the same potential to be as good a clays gun as my benelli, it's just too much of a safe queen. I would like to fire a few rounds through it and use it in the SCTP skeet state competition this June, but other than that, there's no good reason for me to hold onto it. I need another benelli, shooting in the rain makes the wood on the montefeltro swell a bit. I was looking at the Cordoba because of the polymer stocks and stepped rib for sporting clays. I like the flat rib on my Monte for skeet, but a stepped rib would be great for trap and sporting clays.

I have a Super X1 with the "Gold" type III trigger and Montecarlo stocks, a 26" sk barrel and a 30" Full barrel, both without the screw. The metal is almost 98%, with the smallest knick near the ejection port from ejecting shells. the wood is 90%, with a small knick near the original recoil pad and a small knick on the pistol grip. The buffer, recoil spring, and piston seal have been swapped by me.

Anyone know where the prices are going on these? How much should I ask for? I paid 1100$ last year.
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