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Quell Hunting


i am new to the shotgun forum and would like to ask your experienced opinion regarding Quell hunting.

i noticed some hot spots in a few small peaces of land and that the season in Texas begins Oct. 29 through Feb. 26.

my first question is in regards to a particular firearm, the Rossi Wizard, outfitted with a .410 barrel. would you think this an adequate firearm to use? i like the fact that it is a single shot of the smallest gauge as i want to be as sporting as possible and leave the Quells and hot spots as intact as possible to help promote future game life and future outdoor enjoyment.

second question is in regards to a particular Quell load. if i in fact choose to Quell hunt, i would like to shoot the smallest diameter and most lethal spread possible as i don't like the idea of the Quells suffering any more than absolutely possible. i know very little with regards to shotgun loads, so would the best thing be to look for large diameter bb's with a high power load?

Thank you sincerely for your time in advance,
- MN

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