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After reading that article and others it seems that widespread corrupt FFL Holders selling guns to the cartel were a myth created for PR Purposes. Most of the stuff I have read is that the gun dealers were being good guys and reporting straw man attempts to the ATF. The ATF was telling them to go ahead with the sale.

After reading the stories of Carter Country being bought before a federal grand jury and after the facts were bought to light that they were cooperating at the request of the ATF the case slid into oblivion. Which leads me to beleive that some of the local U.S. Attorneys were not in on the operation because they might have brought it to a screeching halt.

It had to be embarrising to the U.S. Attorneys office to find out via the suspect's lawyer that the ATF was behind it. Even fishier that the ATF didn't give him a warning before he started a grand jury on it.
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