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HD shotgun storage

What's your situation? kids, single, married? How/where do you keep it? Under bed, closet, same room, in a safe? Loaded, unloaded? 1 in the chamber? trigger lock, safety? etc
Is there 1 proper way to store an HD shotgun? How do you keep yours and why?
I'm single w/ no kids. I keep mine about 8 feet from where I lay my head at night. Full mag tube, 1 in the receiver, safety off, chamber open. All I have to do is rack the slide forward (schuck!!) and I'm ready to go. It's not in a position where it can fall over or to where it could get hit by the vacuum cleaner etc and cause the chamber to close, which would create a sticky situation. My roomies know the deal, and I really don't see how there could be an accident w/ this set up. I want as many rounds in the gun as possible. But still, for safety reasons, I'm thinking about switching my set up to "cruiser ready" (empty gun, cycle action, pull trigger so hammer is down and you don't have to hit the slide release to cycle the gun, load mag tube, safety off).
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