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Very hard to understand this logic in the shot importability it looks like this is done by someone who has totally no clue about weapons.
If it had to do with safety it would make sense but there is NO difference between a shotgun with a retractable stock or a no retractable. Keep the 922 law about the 9 US parts no American would complain about that, but loose the dumb black rifle statements.
Lord help us all. Some folks just don't get it when their electronic devices put little red squiggles under the words they're typing.

Others simply don't understand why they're writing to the ATF, so they simply plug stuff in, as one might do with Mad Libs:

You guys have got to be kidding me. You are taking advise from Sen. Feinstein one of the most anti‐gun Socialists in Congress. You want to stop violence in Mexico? Invade. Me and millions of gun owners will not stand for any ban sanctioned by Sen.Feinstein or any Socialist member of Congress.
Yarddawg88 also takes the opportunity to vent on a veritable smörgåsbord of issues:

This is total B.S.! I and others know your Puppet master (Obama) is pulling your strings as usual because the Socialist S.O.B. is trying to rid the Law abiding Citizens of having guns and this is just one more step to do that and you Blind Sheep are either too blind and or too Dumb to se it coming! Tell ya what, Just leave us the hell alone because we don't need you or him! Send his sorry butt back to his home country Kenya where he belongs and take his aunt with him
Some days I weep for the republic.

There are a few cogent rebuttals, including the one by a Richard Todd, who goes into statistics, and a more detailed one by [email protected] (just cut and past the names into the "find" box to skip through the document).
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