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Rifle shot like a champ today, I am baffled but not complaining. Put up a target at 200 and started with the 55 soft points over 26.0 grains of TAC. I shot 3 sets of 5 averaged 3177 FPS and avg group of 2.50 including the fliers. Loaded 10 77gr Hornady Amaxes with 22.0 grains of TAC which shot at a avg speed of 2579 FPS and almost identical 5 shot groups. Brought the targets back to 100 shot a 3 shot group using the AMaxes and had a .75 group. I called it good at that point, pulled the scope off and practiced my prone with sling shooting using the 55's and it was shooting pretty much as good as I want. Don't know why it started shooting right but I figure if it works don't mess with it. Almost scared to clean it now LOL

All in all a good day, and considering it is Friday the 13th I would say a excellent one. When I got home I checked my email and my Savage 12 F/TR is on the truck, we will call that bonus
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