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Found this surfing the net, and registered here to put my two cents worth in as I've got both a Marlin 1894C and a Rossi built Navy Arms 1892 in 357. The Marlin is an older one built in 1982 and I bought the 1892 new in 1999.

The Marlin is a great little carbine and the cousin I bought it from killed at least two deer a year with it for over 20 years. If she hadn't of been in a money bind, she'd still have it. I can't really think of anything bad to say about it at all other than the 18.5" barrel is a little short for my tastes. But Mrs Willy likes it so she uses it more than I do.

The Navy Arms 1892 is the 24" octagon rifle and is more accurate than the Marlin. Seems Rossi used the same barrel blank for all calibers and in 357 it's a pretty thick heavy barrel which is why I figure it's so accurate. Also the Navy Arms uses real American walnut unlike the normal Rossi mystery wood and the fit and finish is as good as any other rifle I own including a limited edition Marlin in 44-40. The action was a bit clunky out of the box, but over the years it's worn in nicely. Right now the only complaint I have about it is that it's ejects the empties into low earth orbit which when you reload can be a bit aggravating.

Both are great guns and I'd buy them again.
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