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I like the 1911, once owned one, and shot it well. However, as a duty weapon it has certain drawbacks:

1. Carrying in condition one: round in the chamber, hammer back, manual safety on. Safety of this was hotly debated in the 1980's. Do they have drop safety's now?
2. Not carrying in condition one: Why carry it then?
3. Insurance rates and department/agency/security company regulations. Most just forbade it.
4. More to my point, not every 1911 necessarily shares common operation, or, more importantly common trigger pulls. I was looking at a Rock Island one that even took down differently. All you 1911 owners, well, if yours is stock as it came, then stand up and clap with one hand.
5. Magazine capacity. 1911's lose.

My point is Glocks are consistent and uniform, and entirely usable right out of the box. They are also very cost effective at around half the price of 1911's and Sigs.

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