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I understand the cost issue on well made 1911's vs Glocks ....and you're right / I easily spent 5 times more for a good 1911 than I would have had to spend on a Glock ....but I'm 100 times happier with them as well ( so it was money well spent in my opinion / even though I spent about $8 K on all 3 guns combined...(1 used, 2 new ).

but in my case, I went to the same mfg ( same 5" barrel, same specs on the options, etc ) ...and the same specs on the trigger at 3 1/2 lbs ...and the single stack mags are the least of my worries....because I can hit what I'm shooting at ...

a. The 1911 trigger design is far superior to the triggers in 3 different Glock models.
b. The fit, grip, feel, sights, controls, etc on all 3 guns virtually identical on all three 1911's ...and that is clearly not the case for the 3 models of glocks.

Advantage clearly goes to the identical 1911's in 3 different calibers - over 3 different models of glocks....unless you consider the acquisition cost ....but for me, long after I've forgotten what I paid for those 3 guns ...the quality will still be amazing and sweet / maybe for well over the next generation or two or three !!
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