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Consistency Advantage...

You can do the same thing --- with three different 1911's in 9mm, one in .40S&W and one in .45acp ....( if you wanted to ). And with way less variation between the 3 guns ....than you had in the Glocks.
(Not to mention that you have additional chamberings available in the 1911 platform including 10mm auto.)

You could do the same with the HK USP series of pistols.
You can even get HiPoints in three of the more popular: .380 acp, 9mm Para, and .45 acp.

The Glock does have this "advantage" in consistency stated by the OP:
...because of the consistency. Sure I could say the trigger is "mushy"...
(In all fairness, Glocks do have a short reset.)

If the OP personally believes than he does.
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