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LSnSC, Thanks for that. Cardboard and duct tape are my kind of mods. I also figure that anything can be made out of scrap lumber. I know a guy assisting a skeet coach, and the assistant was himself no slouch, built up his comb with automotive bondo to turn his stock into a Monte Carlo. I think the idea was that he could sand a bit off or add a bit as he adjusted it. It was ugly as hell but he could sure shoot.

Unless my gun is grossly off I won't be messing with shims at this point. (At least I will try to sit on my hands, as I love to tinker.) Anyhow, I have made some basic adjustments at home in how I have been mounting and placing my feet. Just following the Remington pamphlet on Trap. I have high hopes that a lot of my problems are going to go away. Nothing fancy but getting back to simple fundamentals.

And I am far from being very tall; just under 5'8" and 203#. My neck may be a little long.

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