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You can do the same thing --- with three different 1911's in 9mm, one in .40S&W and one in .45acp ....( if you wanted to ). And with way less variation between the 3 guns ....than you had in the Glocks.
and you can also pay 1.5x as much, as well as be limited to single stack mags, unless you want to pay even more than the increased cost you would already be paying. plus, you might end up with different manufacturers.

or, the OP can stick with glock and have perhaps slightly more variation, but pay less, have one company to deal with if there is ever a problem, and use much larger magazines, as well as use the style of grip he is clearly proficient and most comfortable with.

just my $.02.

edit: one more thing. just for kicks and giggles, you should consider a g20. 10mm is a hard hitting round (in both directions, unfortunately)
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