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Choke Questions

I have a new Benelli M2, as I've previously posted. This is my first shotgun, and I have some questions regarding choke:

1. I plan on mostly shooting clay pigeons. Is the modified choke suitable for this?

2. Even though three of the chokes are approved for steel shot, is it still best to avoid steel shot to reduce wear-and-tear on the gun? In other words, is shooting steel shot even through approved chokes hard on the gun over time?

3. I'd mostly just like to use the modified choke, which is approved for steel shot. Is there any 12 gauge ammo (besides slugs) that I shouldn't shoot through this?

4. When you are changing chokes, what lubricant due you use? Are Remington oil and Break-Free CLP good for this?

Sorry, if these are dumb questions. I'm learning.
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