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well the guy pulling the trigger shoots 1.5 - 2 MOA 5 shot groups prone unsupported at 100 with iron sights so I don't think it is a trigger pull issue.
When I mean they are not grouping at 200 I am referring to groups of 24 inches or better at 200 shooting off a Caldwell Rock rest with a sand bag at the back and a 20X scope sitting on top. This is not a one time thing, I have been playing with this gun for a few months now, shoots like a champ at 100, go out to 200 and I might as well be throwing rocks at the target.

The subsonic transition crossed my mind but according to the load book I should be cranking over 3000 FPS with the loads I am shooting. Can't see it slowing that much between 100 and 200. I just checked the UPS site and the chrono will be here tomorrow so by the end of week should have some accurate data. Oh and the same scope, same load was used at 100 and 200 within 5 minuter time periods. Scoped off the rest it shoots . 5 to .75 5 shot groups at 100 then I just swivel over to the 200 with the next clip and here come the lousy groups. So same conditions on everything except distance. I have done minimum to maximum load workups on each bullet, but have only tried the "sweet spot" loads at 200.
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