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For Sale: .220 Swift Brass, Dies, Barrel; RCBS Uniflow Trickler Attachment (Utah)

Up for sale: Norma and Winchester .220 Swift brass, .220 Swift RCBS FL dies, Ruger M77 .220 Swift factory barrel, and RCBS Uniflow powder trickler attachment.

The barrel and trickler will be in the second post in this thread.

Shipping is negotiable, but I prefer to use USPS. I live in an area that suffers from poor service with packages, for anything other than USPS Priority Mail (FedEx and UPS should not be considered valid options). First Class mail is acceptable, but may result in a slow shipment.

Cash or Postal Money Order. No GunPal, PayPal, etc.
PM me, if interested. First PM for any given item has priority.
The former .220 Swift is now a .243 Win. So, all proceeds go to the "buy FrankenMauser a swaging press" fund.
Notes (*) are just before the images.

.220 Swift Brass (*):
I am going to be very specific with the condition of this brass. I don't want anyone thinking they received something that was not as described. I know I could sell it faster if listed as "xxx pieces of brass for sale", but I don't want anyone feeling disappointed.
Most of this brass has been deprimed, but not sized. All of this brass has gone through my tumbler, to remove any sizing lube or dirt/grit/grime. Most boxes have reloading data stickers, of some kind, on them.

Norma (boxes of 20 unprimed cases) - (*1)
3 boxes, once-loaded, unfired. $15 / box.
1 box, 17 cases once-loaded/unfired, 3 cases once-fired. $12.

Winchester (boxes of 20 unprimed cases, unless otherwise noted) -
8 boxes, new. $9 / box.
1 box, twice-loaded, unfired. $8. (*2)
2 boxes, once-fired. $8 / box.
1 box of 19 cases, once-fired, one extra case (#20) has a thin neck (outside turned). $7.
1 box of 19 cases, once fired. $7.
1 box of 18 cases, once fired. $6.50.
1 box, twice-fired. $6.50.
1 box of 19 cases, thrice-fired. $5.
1 MTM Case-Guard (R-100) ammunition carrier with 45 new cases, and 42 once-fired cases (segregated into three bagged lots, based on the load fired - bags of 15, 21, 6). All of this brass is from the same lot. (If I find the other bag of 13 once-fired cases, they'll be thrown in for free.) $40.

RCBS 2-Die Set:
Full-length sizer. Includes RCBS #11 and Hornady #4 (not pictured) shell holder. Decapping assembly is the new style with a "headed" decapping pin (one extra pin included). Lock rings have been upgraded (unknown brand - Forster? Old-style Hornady?). $21.

Take it all for $225, with FREE first-class or flat-rate shipping.
(400+ W-W cases, 80 Norma cases, and the dies / shell holders)

*While the rifle was being rebarreled to another cartridge, I pulled-down all of my hand loads. That is the reason for the 'X-times loaded' references, with some of this brass. Most of this brass was purchased between 1983 and 1986.
*1: All of this brass has dark blemishes on the case heads, and a few cases have the blemishes on the case body. It's a surface discoloration of some kind, and did not negatively effect the two boxes of Norma brass (purchased at same time) that were fired and reloaded until failure .
*2: Inherited from my father with a load I didn't trust. Pulled down, reloaded, and never fired with my own load. Pulled down, again, to be sold.

(Using image "collages" to save on the number of uploads needed.)

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