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I know this post is old but i stumble across it so I just wanted to add my two cents about the navy using 9mm

to CZ&PX4 9mm is the standard ammo for the western military next to 45 acp, the military goes with 9mm caues of cost... the reason why they use 9mm and this is coming from a friend of mine that is serving as a SEAL in the US Navy 1. its their secondary weapon 2. when it comes to packing for a mission they want to carry as much ammo as possible at the same time trying to save weight which we all know out of all full size calibers 9mm carry more in the mag. 3. the 9mm ammo they have chamberd is +P! bascially gives the same stopping power of the .40 s&w. when I asked him what gun I should get for myself and his response was .40 caliber because i live in a cali and only allowed 10 round buy 9mm +p to have the same performace as a .40 cost more than if you just had a gun chambered in .40
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