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I like the G30 a lot. Recoil really was not much of an issue in any of the 3 calibers. Well, the 45 is louder, and more of a push-back than the other 2. I find Glocks are consistent gun to gun and caliber to caliber. My G26 is fitted out like a G19, and I used the G19 magazine for all shooting. So, I think you are asking how your G27 would compare to the G30. My answer is that I think you will get more wrist/grip twist in the smaller gun, whereas in the G30, I felt my whole body rock back.

I do like Glocks as they come - stock, because of the consistency. Sure I could say the trigger is "mushy", but once you are accustomed to it, it does not impede shooting. I am sure a lot of people want or get customizations for this or that. But to me that defeats the advantage of consistency from gun to gun.

I am not a competition target shooter. Those people may need something else. But I am content picking any Glock out of a pile, and knowing I am going to shoot a course of fire respectably.
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