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Qualifying with multi-calibers - Advantage Glock

I just passed firearms qualification with 3 calibers, back-to-back-to-back, all on the first go.

1. 40 S&W with my stock G23
2. 9mm with my G26 fitted with a G19 barrel and magazine plus grip extender
3. 45 ACP with a G30 range gun

I was going to use a range gun for 9mm because I haven't been shooting the G26 well. But, I did so well with the G23 that I went ahead with the G26.

This was easy to do, due to the common operation of all Glocks. I also believe that Glocks, right out of the box, are a known constant. Therefore, I believe I could qualify with ANY caliber Glock with no preparation.

I gotta get me a G30. 10 rounds of 45 ACP in the same package size as a G23.

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