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Brand New SLP Help

Hi All,

I am happy to say that I purchased my first gun yesterday. FNH SLP Mark 1

I am no expert by any means and I need some help with the basics. First thing I was sure to do was read the instruction manual. It states that new SLP's are covered in some anti-rust agent that needs to be removed. Following the advice of the store I purchased it from, I bought the following items:

1. A 12 gauge cleaning snake
2. can of Rem action cleaner
3. Bottle of Gun oil.
4. Two cheap tooth Brushes.

Now, my questions is what is the proper way to remove this anti-rust agent.

So my process has been the following:

1. Dissasemble the weapon (after checking that it's unloaded of course )
2. I then proceeded to spray some Rem. Cleaner down the barrel and i applied it directly to the snake itself.
3. Then per the instruction booklet I passed the snake through the barrel from the loading end of the barrel to the barrel exit.
4. I passed it through a couple of times.

Now, my understanding is that this Rem. Action cleaner can't just be left on the gun, so you need to apply the gun oil and then repreat the process with the barrel.

Now, I'm assuming that I need a snake for the Rem. Cleaner, and one for the Oil?

And as for the action, I just sprayed the cleaner in the action, scrubbed around with the tooth brush, wiped it down with some paper towel and then repeated with some oil and a new tooth brush?

I'm taking the gun to the range Saturday and I just want to be sure I've done the prep work right and I'm cleaning correctly. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

Pics Soon to Come!
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