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You can try that ...sure ....

But you have an angled comb on that gun ...and I think you're putting way too much focus on length of pull. If you shorten or lengthen that gun ...the comb moves in relation to your cheek its going to change the point of impact a lot...

But if you want to fuss with length of pull it at the pattern board. I wouldn't try and shoot that gun at targets and evaluate it. I'm not sure / at this point in your experience / you ought to be fussing with the length of pull at all ...until you've spent some time with an instructor.

The problem is ....none of us have seen you shoot its really very difficult for us to evaluate your length of pull. I doubt the length of pull has much impact on your gun mount issues / I think that's more just "practice, practice, practice ..." .../ but I'd recommend you leave the length of pull alone until you can get with a good instructor who can help you ( and maybe give you 3 or 4 guns to test ...) with different lengths of pull.
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