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I have a Marlin 1894 and a Rossi M92

I bought a Marlin 1894 last year used. I was made in the 1970s according to a web site where you enter the first two digits of the serial number. This rifle jammed constantly. I took it apart completely and cleaned it and polished the carrier. Still jammed. I identified the problem after my first batch of reloads. My reload manual stated an OAL of 1.61. The factory ammo I was shooting was 1.535. My reloads never jam. OAL is important in the Marlins. That is just the problem mine had. I have read many other problems with the newer guns in my search to correct the jam problems with mine. Crazy stuff.

I bought a Rossi M92 last year as well.. It cycles ammo great. It shoots about a foot high at 100 yards though. The front sight post must be too low. I had to contend with Rossi for months to get them to repair it under warranty. Rossi was not very pleasant to deal with. I am still waiting for my rifle to be returned to me for over a month.

I would have put a new front sight on myself, but the post is welded on.. Not dovetailed in. What a pain. Didn't even notice when I bought it.

I still love the lever guns though.
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