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J.C. Higgins Model 48 restoration questions

An old 22 cal rifle just came into my possession. Going through an old building with my grandfather for an old antique table he wanted my mom to have i stumbled across the old rusted thing. Being a gun enthusiast and part time gunsmith it caught my eye as something to work on. He told me as far as he knew the stock was broken but thats all. Being in an old leaky building, it has been eaten up by rust of course but after lubing it up a bit and taking some steel wool to it, it seems to have no real mechanical problems. However, i plan on refinishing the stock and stripping the rifle for a more in depth cleaning.

My question is, does anyone know anything about these rifles? After a few quick Google searches I havent had any luck, and you guys havent let me down yet so i figured id come here. Is this an old walmart brand kind of rifle or a fairly nice one? And does anyone know of a place i can purchase a new stock or parts for it?
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