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Idea for testing fit with shorter LOP

I am pretty certain that many of the problems I am still having with my 870 after 4 months and over 700 rounds is the LOP. Still, as many of you know I am somewhat "frugal". When it comes time for a second gun, I will take Zippy13's suggestion and invest in a professional stock fitting. Meanwhile, I will cheap out.

As is, with the standard synthetic Remington stock, the LOP is 14". With that stock, it seems that I am constantly having to adjust the fit to my shoulder pocket in order to get a decent target picture. A friend even let me shoot with his very nice 1100 with a Monte Carlo stock to see how I liked it. It didn't seem to help, but its LOP was even greater than 14".

I have been doing mounting drills in the mirror without a recoil pad No pad effectively reduces my LOP to 13" and I get a much better mount. Before ordering another stock, as I am thinking that it may be time for a new gun in a few more months, I am thinking of shooting it without a recoil pad but taping a thin hard butt plate off an old Harrison & Richardon 1905 to the stock so as not to punch butt shaped holes in my chest.

See the pictures and tell me if this makes sense. I will use duct tape instead of the blue painter's tape.

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